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Balmar 110 amp Alternator
Smart Regulators
Originally I was planning on having two 110 amp alternators on the engine.  However at
anchor I use the AC generator to charge the batteries and when I'm motoring the engine is
usually running for a much longer time than the 1 to 1 1/2 hours need to replace the daily
electrical usage.  So I decided to go with just the one alternator.  Now I have a complete back
up alternator system including smart regulator, battery isolator, and wire harness, if I would
need it.  I've got the 2nd alternator stowed to get it out of the way as I need to be laying
across the engine when I'm working in the equipment room.  
Battery Isolators
The Fourwinds II making some electricity
Fouwinds II wind generator on Wasatchs stern
The Wasatch has a Fourwinds II
wind generator mounted 12 ft
above the deck out of reach of
heads and hands.  It starts
producing electricity with wind at
5-6 knots.  At 10 knots its produces
3-4 amps, at 15 about 6 amps, at 20
about 12 and at 25 about 16.  
Because of the wind in Mexico, it
the Fourwinds II has not  been that
reliable of an energy producer, but
I'm hoping for more consistent
wind down in the tropics.