Sunset on the Baja
The Adventures of the Wasatch
When you reach the horizon, you're near  your journey's end
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About the Boat
App Wind, Jib and Poled Jib
App wind, Jib and Symmetric Spinacker
Tru Wind, Jib and Poled Jib
True Wind, Jib and Symmetric Spinaker
KP 44 Polars
KP44 color profile
KP44 Interior Layout
KP44 In the water Profile
KP44 Profile

•        LOA: 43'10" (13,36 m.)
•        LWL: LWL 38'8" (11.78 m.)
•        Beam: 12'11" (3.93 m.)
•        Draft 6'4" (1.98 m.)
•        Ballast: 10,000 lbs. (4,536 kgs.)
•        Disp: 30,000 lbs. (13,607 kgs.)
•        Sail area: (100%) 1,011 sq.ft. (93.92 sq.m.)
•        Ballast/Disp: .33
•        Disp/Length: 232
•        SA/Disp: 16.7
•        Fuel: 135 gal. (443 ltr.) plus 25 gal. on deck
•        Water: 132 gal. (500 ltr.)
•        Auxiliary: 71 HP Westerbeke Engine
•        Designer: Doug Peterson
Peterson 44 Specifications
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The polars above show what a new KP44 can do, before she is outfitted for cruising.  With the
all the extra equipement and gear that I have put on the Wasatch to get her ready for cruising,
resulting in her having a lot more weight and windage, her upwind performance is not nearly as
good as the polars above would suggest.
Wasatch sitting quietly at anchor
Fore deck cover high enough to allow room for the windscoop
Aft deck Cover runs from  the bimini to the arch & bimini to the rails
The Wasatch with her sun protection
on.   Heading for Mexico and the
Tropics, I started having boat covers
made to protect the teak and to
keep the direct rays of the sun off
the deck.  Although a lot of bulk and
weight to store, and a fair amount of
work to put up, I generally put all the
canvas coverings up if I'm going to
stay in an area more than three
days.  The varnish on the teak lasts
much longer, and the cabin
temperature is at least 10 degrees
cooler.  I decided to go with blue to
match the boat, although I was
concerned with the darker color
absorbing heat.  This hasn't been a
problem as the canvas is far enough
off the deck to allow the breeze to
carry any absorbed heat away.  It
also allows enough room over the
foredeck to put up the wind scoop  
The heavy canvass along with the
holding power of the Rocna 40
allows me to leave it up and not
have to worry it or the boat dragging
even in 30 kt winds.
Small Dive Compressor on aft deck
The figerglass cover for the dive compressor doubles as a comfortable seat
I have a small 80 lb. 3 cfs Max Air
dive compressor mounted on the
back of the boat.  I went with the
electric motor to run it, as I have
an 8 kw AC generator.  I use a
short 6g extension cord to plug it
into a elecrical outlet in the
cockpit.   I can fill a tank in about
1/2 hour.  But then I need to let the
compressor cool down for a
couple of hours before filling
another one.  Mounting the tank
holders on either side of the aft
hatch makes it very convenient to
fill them.
I made the cover out of fiber glass
and then painted it with a 2 part
poyurethane paint.  It doubles as a
comfortable seat at the stern of
the boat.
Wasatch with her sun protection on
Wasatchs aft companionway doubles as the sail control center
Interestingly Wasatchs sail control
center is in the aft companionway.  
Standing here, there is convenient
access to both genoa sheet
winches, main winch, furling
winch, traveler, autopilot, and
helm.  It is particularly convenient
for single handed tacking.