Sunset on the Baja
The Adventures of the Wasatch
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Before the Sailing
Enjoying a Margarita at a small resort in Careyes
The Wasatch in Bahia Las Hadas, Manzanillo
About the Captain
Fenders out on the Wasatch waiting for the fuel boat in Turtle Bay
About the boat
Wasatch at Singlar Marina, Mazatlan
Pelicans at sunset in the Sea of Cortez
Las Monas at sunset on Isla Isabella
Seaside Restaurant in Bar Navidad
Wasatch's Salon
For a guy who had just finished his residency in anesthesiology, had never set foot on a
sailboat, and had just moved to Utah back in the late 70s to begin making his way in life, it
is ironic that I now find myself living on a sailboat with the intension of plying the seas and
exploring the world as long as it is physically and reasonably possible. My interest in
sailing and boats really falls into 4 phases.  I began my long affair with sailing after buying
a Hobie Cat shortly after moving to Utah.  I have a lot of good memories of flying a hull on
Deer Creek Reservoir in the 80s and 90s. It’s really hard to beat a small day sailor in a
fresh breeze for enjoying the sheer pleasure of sailing.  However, my interest in sailing
gradually grew into larger boats as I fell in with a group with the Wasatch Mountain Club in
Salt Lake City interested in sharing expenses and experiences chartering boats in distant
lands. Over the course of 10 years in the 90s, the group chartered from 2 to 6 boats for 1
to 3 weeks at a time on 9 trips in the Caribbean, Greece, Turkey, and the South Pacific. It
was my experience chartering with the Wasatch Mountain Club that made me start to
think about going cruising.  A couple of other guys and I brain stormed a plan to form a
three year partnership to buy a sailboat in Los Angeles. We planned to refit her for
cruising in the first year, and then to sail her down through the Panama Canal and into
the Caribbean and take turns going down to sail her in the next two years. To make a
long story short, the partnership quickly fell through and before I knew it, I was the
dubiously proud owner of the Wasatch, a 17 year old Kelly Peterson 44 fixer upper.
Indeed, in the earlier years, it was a crap shoot to get her the 38 miles from Marina Del
Rey to Catalina Island and back without a seemingly major breakdown: engine not
starting, leaking fuel lines, dirty fuel, leaking water tanks, refrigerator breakdowns, fan
belts breaking, etc. Being sole owner of the boat now, it didn’t make sense for me to go
cruising until I retired, so I had plenty of time to get her ready. Indeed, in the following
years, my relationship with boats gradually took a different direction, from one of sailing to
one of primarily boat refitting and maintenance. I began sailing less and less and reading
more and more about sailing. I became an armchair sailor / boat slip sailor.  Finally I
retired and in the Fall of 07, I slipped the lines that were tying me and the KP44 to Marin
Del Rey and began phase 4, the Adventure of the Wasatch.